We work to promote the infrastructure of projects by facilitating the efforts of companies seeking to develop or expand global operations including competitive analysis, and the development of market-key strategies.

  • Africa
  • Japan
  • Washington
  • Vietnam and ASEAN
  • China


  • Provide tailored government relations services for corporations and foreign governments
  • Anticipate, influence, and prepare for future government policies that might affect clients’ businesses
  • Promote infrastructure on projects in the United States, Asia and Africa by working with developers to develop and implement negotiating strategies
  • Facilitate the efforts of companies seeking to develop or expand global operations, including competitive analysis, and the development of market-entry strategies.
  • Analytical support tools include data acquisition, modeling and forecasting
  • SIA serves clients in ongoing relationships and in the face of acute crises
  • Advice includes strategic plans, economic, regulatory and political analyses of relevant developments in the U. S. and selected other countries, and action to solve identified problems
  • Remove specific barriers to a client’s business by developing and executing convincing cases to relevant government authorities
  • Our work includes analysis of the problems, supporting negotiations designed to resolve these problems using analytics and relationships, and comprehensive representation of clients’ interests
  • Coordinating visits to Washington by senior company officials, heads of state or other senior country officials through preparatory meetings and liaison activities with federal and congressional authorities, preparing briefing papers, and coordinating public relations efforts
  • Monitoring and, at times, influencing, trade policy activities including the WTO, APEC, and ASEAN, as well as bilateral trade negotiations
  • Developing digital strategies for clients seeking to migrate towards internet-based solutions. Our work includes market analysis, partner assessments, and negotiation support
  • SIA also monitors product-specific tariff and non-tariff barrier issues, works on customs-related matters, and works to attain or maintain GSP benefits
  • Trade-Related Technical Assistance
  • Increasing attention has addressed the needs of developing countries as they strive to integrate themselves into the global economy
  • To assist these efforts, SIA has developed the capacity to advise governments, regional trade organizations and multilateral institutions on trade policy harmonization and liberalization, strategies for trade negotiations, and the effects of alternative approaches to economic growth and expansion. 

    §  In addition to its professional staff, SIA has the ability to use the resources of a large number of technically experienced associates to work with client governments and international organizations. SIA’s experiences in this field include projects in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia